Healing From Humor
I have heard that humor can lead to healing. I think there is research to this effect. I will try to find this research and report it here. In a effort to provide some humor I am blogging clean jokes that I have heard. I will try to give at least one each week. Sponsored by www.Thymusplus.com and Thymate.
#582 This lady on an airplane was reading her Bible. The man sitting next to her said, "You don't believe all that stuff in there, do you?" She said, "of course I do, it's the Bible." He said, "What about that guy that got swallowed by a whale?" She said, "You mean Jonah? Yes, I believe that too." He said, "How could he possibly live that long inside a whale?" She thought about it for a moment and said " I don't know. When I get to heaven, I'll have to ask him." He said sarcastically, "What if he isn't in heaven?" She said, "Then you'll have to ask him."
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