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L. West

L. West

Thymate is simply the best product for my health I've ever tried. I was diagnosed with MS a few years ago and refused the "conventional" (non)treatment methods. My new holistic doctor, however, recommended Thymate, and I can never thank her (or you) enough! Thymate is the backbone to my treatment regimen, keeps me healthy when most MDs said that just can't happen. I can only say 'thank you!'. Oh yeah, I highly recommend purchasing from Carlton at I've looked into finding a lower price, but Carlton is there when you call, he ships my order immediately, and my Thymate is always in stock, just waiting for my call. I highly recommend Carlton and Thymate. Warmest regards, and appreciation. L.W. Dallas Texas
Personal Experience
For years, I felt so fatigued and drained, and on many occasions, so totally exhausted that I was unable to enjoy life and family. Then, a neighbor came to my rescue! I was told about alternative nutrition and given a marvelous substance called Thymate. Amazed by my provements, I gave it to my wife who was experiencing difficulties of her own. As life began to improve, we knew that we had to share the news of this wonderful product. Thymate is the chance to share my blessings and improved health! For everyone interested in feeling better and living a vibrant, healthy holistic lifestyle, I am a living testimony that there is a way! With Thymate helping both my wife and me, I became so excited that I started my own dedicated web site. For those who knew me back when, they are amazed at how much better I feel now. Working with less fatigue throughout the days and weeks, I always extol the benefits of a good nutritional supplement, stress management and the virtues of Thymate! I find it a joy to share my knowledge of this amazing product that enhances health and vitality (less fatigue)!
And at ThymusPlus, we truly care about you. That's why our web site is dedicated to Thymate. And our customers... well... they soon become our friends!
We're waiting to help you change your life!


"Thymate made a huge difference to hormonal problems and greatly strengthened general health, coloring, and disposition" - C.C.

"Thymate has increase my energy level and reduced the amount of sleep I need." - RCW

"I have a chronic split lip that heals very fast while taking Thymate." - AT
If I were in a concentration camp and told to choose between a daily bowl of broth or 6 Thymate, I'd take the Thymate 5 out of 7 days. Need a little variety.
My former physicians are the ones who recommended it to me. Susan C. (North Carolina)
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