Thymate Benefits




Mineral Complex

Your Thymus Gland....Your Protector

  • What's your body running on today?

  • It's like getting a tune-up, you just run better.

  • It's the formula that nutritional experts around the world are recognizing
    as the single most powerful supplement you can add to your diet.

  • It's all the formulas rolled into one.

  • It dramatically builds your immune system.

  • It's a powerful energy formula.

  • It's the formula for arthritis.

  • It's the formula for athletes.

  • It's the formula that takes the place of all those supplements that you
    conscientiously take everyday.

  • It's the formula that advanced holistic medical treatment centers are using
    pre-op and post-op.

  • Complex Speedhealing program in a bottle

  • Thymate�: Perhaps the most powerful combination of herbals, vitamins,
    minerals, and glandular formulas you can buy anywhere.

  • Our results show that to maintain maximum health, even into your 70's and
    80's, you can buy many bottles of vitamins or just one bottle of Thymate�.

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More Thymate Info

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