<h2><font color=red>Warning ...Do not buy a multi-vitamin until you read this!</font></H2>

Warning ...Do not buy a multi-vitamin until you read this!

Improved - Now Faster Acting!
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Boost Your Immune System Now with Thymate - The Ultimate Multivitamin!

Boost Your Immune System Now with Thymate - The Ultimate Multivitamin!

<font color=blue>The Problem ...</font>

The Problem ...

You know how you are always tired and stressed with daily life? You have a chronic health problem that just will not go away? No matter what you do today -- eating healthy, exercising, and trying to manage stress -- YOU ARE FIGHTING A LOSING BATTLE! It is never enough and then more stress, fatigue, toxins, pollutants and a highly chemical environment wage a never-ending war on your health. The daily challenges, the busy schedules, the soccer Mom syndrome, household chores take a heavy toll you. You have tried everthing for a solution.
<font color=blue>The Result ...</font>

The Result ...

Chronic Herpes Episodes, Diabetes, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Allergies, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Hepatitis, Crohn's Disease, Emphysema, Lymphoma, Poor Concentration, Heart Disease, Etc.
<font color=blue>The Answer ...</font>

The Answer ...

A balanced and empowered immune system by ... THYMATE - The "Ultimate" Multi-Vitamin! The best way to stabilize and boost your immune system.

We aren't suggesting that Thymate is an alternative medicine in the true sense; but an alternative health therapy that helps your immune system fight off disease and utilizing traditional medicines combined with the multivitamin and minerals contained in Thymate ... its easy to see why it is an alternative health therapy that should be considered to stabilize and boost your immune system.

What type of person is interested in Thymate?

What type of person is interested in Thymate?

  • ​Chronic Sufferers
  • Overworked executives
  • Mothers-Soccer Moms-house cleaning-wife-cook-wage earner
  • Dads-working 2 jobs-home repair-To Sports taxi driver
  • Sressed students-homework, grades, part time wage earner, tuition worries
  • Runners seeking extra stamina
  • Athletes looking for a natural edge
What is Thymate?

What is Thymate?

Thymate is a special blend of nutrients to support and rebuild the immune system. It is formulated with thymus fractions, thymus extracts, & other glandulars (all glandulars derived from natural pharmaceutical grade sources); herbal extracts; antioxidants; multi-vitamins and minerals. Thymate is for you! While many have used thymus extracts for decades, we've now made it available to everyone through Just as it's improved my life and the lives of others, I hope it will improve yours, too.
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Hepatitis B is very prevalent in the United States with 300,000 new cases reported yearly. Worldwide, it is the most common viremia with over 300 million carriers and 1.5 million people dying each year from hepatitis B, related liver cancer. Add to this statistic, 30,000 to 35,000 diagnosed AIDS cases reported yearly and the need to treat immune system disorders is of utmost importance.


A doctor in Savannah, GA stuck his finger while operating on an infected patient in 1983, contracted hepatitis B, and became a carrier. Several years later and still a carrier, he realized that there had to be a reason for his continued inability to get well. He recalled from medical school that the thymus gland controls the immune system. The gland is large in children and decreases in size as we grow older.

He went to a health food store and bought a thymic formula and a vitamin-mineral complex supplement containing B complex, vitamins E and C, selenium, zinc, beta-carotene, and an amino acid complex. After taking these supplements for six weeks, he no longer was a hepatitis carrier.

He notified the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia. They took blood samples and sent them to Massachusetts General at Harvard and to Scripps Institute in California. Many studies were completed, including PCRs, DNA, etc., all having negative test results for the hepatitis virus.


Other exciting progress with the use of the herbal/glandular/vitamin/mineral complex supplements (thymic complex) involves three transplant patients. These individuals were scheduled to have liver transplants and are now no longer on transplant lists having recovered from their chronic hepatitis.

Other cases involved two liver transplant patients and one heart transplant patient, all who contracted hepatitis B during blood transfusions. These three patients were told that their bodies were rejecting their organs and that there was no treatment for their hepatitis. After using the herbal/glandular/vitamin/mineral complex (thymic complex), they have become non-carrier hepatitis B patients and have also retained their new organs. The thymic complex appears to have a modulating effect bringing hyperactive conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis down and hypo-immune conditions, such as cancer, up.

The success of using these products could have an enormous impact on organ transplant operations. Current medicines being used for organ transplant patients destroy the immune system and confine the patients to their homes. The thymic/glandular complex combined with the vitamin-mineral complex may enable organ transplant patients to lead normal lives by improving their immune system.
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<br>More Thymate Info

More Thymate Info

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